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Thermaltech® provides the best integration of solar thermal technology and functionality. Our Thermal Fabric offers an invisible solution to wintry weather situations with a wide range of applications.


Thermaltech® it is made of metallic fibers covered with a special solar-selective coating. This solar-selective coating can absorb the maximum amount of sun radiation or artificial light and transform it into heat, which then is transferred to the body. Our Thermal Fabric can also reflect the infrared radiation generated by the body. Thermaltech® transforms up to 80% of the radiation absorbed from thermal energy and increases the temperature of the fabrics up to 18°F in only two minutes.

Solar radiation absorption

Recycled stainless steel technology

For every ton of recycled steel, you save:
Iron minerals: 1400 kg
Carbon minerals: 740 kg
Limestone: 120 kg
Energy: 80%
Water: 85%

What makes our Thermal Fabric different?

Breathable Balance
Long lifespan
Energy Capturing
Lightweight Material
Temperature Balance

Thermaltech Fleece

Thermaltech fleece is a double face fabric temperature constructed with double knit terry and fleece that provides at least 30% more insulation protection*, absorbs 80% of body heat radiation, fabric temperature increases 20°F in two minutes, heats up to 10 times faster than traditional fleece, is designed with shell weave for a professional look. *A wide range of applications


Interlining Fabric


Thermaltech® patented technology, is an especially lightweight, low-bulk solution made of 100% stainless steel mesh with solar selective coating. It can transform 80% of the light in thermal energy and can increase the fabrics up to 18°F in just two minutes. Thermaltech® is quilted into the lining to ensure that hot air flows from the mesh to your body offering an invisible solution to cold weather situations for a variety of applications.


French Terry

Thermaltech® Double knit French Terry fabric with Thermaltech fibers, along with solar coating absorbs 80% of infrared light, increases 20°F fabric temperature in two minutes keeping its traditional elasticity and weight. It provides a better infrared capturing properties to heat up the body


Core Yarn

Conductive and data solution integrated into textile

Thermaltech® core yarn covered with Polyester that goes from 358 dtex to 100 dtex, provides .0171 Ohms*m of resistance, 58.5 (Ωm)-1 of conductivity, perfect for knitting fabrics, weaving yarns, and stitching yarns.


Ring Spun Yarn

Thermaltech® spun yarn 20D/1 polyester or viscose with Thermaltech metallic fibers allow to increase up to 50°F the polyester temperature, increases 10 times faster, and improves the energy transfer coefficient of polyester