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High quality heating, cooling and conductive yarns

Thermaltech® specializes in manufacturing and selling high quality heating, cooling and conductive yarns. Our yarns provide the best integration of technology and functionality, and a solution to extreme weather situations with a wide range of applications.

The difference of our yarns lies on fiber innovation and technology to create unexpected blends; we developed yarns for interior and exterior fabrics, for knits and woven; let us know your needs and we will recommend a matching solution for your cooling, heating, temperature balance and conductivity problems.


Thermaltech Solar powered Interlining


Thermaltech® Solar powered Interlining patented technology, is an especially lightweight, low-bulk solution made of 100% stainless steel mesh with a solar selective coating. It can transform the 80% of the light in thermal energy and can increase its temperature in 18°F in just two minutes.


Thermaltech Ring Spun Yarn

In Thermaltech® we create highly functional and unique yarns, with unexpected blends of natural and synthetic short staple fibers, including metallic fibers that increase the cooling effect or heating properties of the blend.


Thermaltech Stainless Steel Core Yarn

For conductivity and protective gear

Thermaltech® stainless steel core yarn with a polyester or polyamide sheath, has a resistivity of 1.905E-04 *cm, conductivity of 5.249E+03 and a surface resistance of 674. 271 dtex- 438 dtex


Thermaltech Copper Core Yarn

Conductive and data solution integrated into textile

Thermaltech® copper core yarn with a polyester or polyamide sheath, has a resistivity of 2.559E-06 *cm, conductivity of 3.908E+05 and a surface resistance of 9.05. 376 dtex-481 dtex


Thermaltech Fleece

Thermaltech fleece is a double face fabric constructed with double knit terry and fleece made with Thermaltech Heating yarn that provides at least 30% more insulation protection, absorbs body heat radiation, heats up to 10 times faster than traditional fleece.


French Terry

Thermaltech® Double knit French Terry fabric made with Thermaltech Heating yarn provides better heat retaining properties to heat up the body faster.

   What makes Thermaltech yarns different?

Breathable Balance
Long lifespan
Energy Capturing
Lightweight Material
Temperature Balance

Thermaltech Interlining Solar radiation absorption

Thermal Imaging of Thermaltech Mesh