Thermaltech® Mesh


Ornamental Fabric

Thermal Mesh Ornamental Fabric

Smart-Technology Thermaltech® patented technology, is an especially lightweight,low-bulk material made of 100% stainless steel mesh with solar selective coating that produce beautiful, unique colors that it does not fade away. Its original texture and malleability makes it perfect to be used as the main material or trimming material for garments and decor items. Thermaltech Mesh is a flexible material that brings novelty to your projects : every single garment made with it is unique.

Thermaltech Mesh Ornamental Fabric Applications

Home decor and fashion projects

Characteristics of our product

Lightweight Material

Long lifespan


Breathable Balance

  • Unique colors that does not fade away



  • Conductive properties for any special projects (electric and thermal conductivity.



  • Great for sculptures, dresses, capes, shoes, trimmings, walls, seat covers.