Cooling Yarn

Thermaltech cooling Yarn offers a great combination of moisture wicking, fast drying rate, cooling effect with a unique soft touch.

Our basic principle is to move away sweat from the skin faster than traditional yarns and then, keep the user dry to cool down.

Wicking is the major factor related at the comfort level in users, Thermaltech Cooling yarn moves 20% faster sweat than traditional cooling yarns technology.



Polyester, Viscose
Drying Factor (min)
Instant Cooling Factor W/cm2
Wicking distance after 30 minutes70
Thermal effusivity (dry)
(W • S^(1/2) / (m2 • K))
Dtex297 to 140









Yoga Socks








Walking Socks








Workwere Socks


Thermaltech fibers move faster moisture from the body than traditional fabrics making a cooling sensation up to 2°C down on the skin surface.
Moisture WickingUltra-fine Lyocell and Thermaltech fibers technology make a yarn that absorbs significantly better the excess of moisture once it starts sweating keeping your body and dry and cool down.
Soft textureCross-linked Lyocell fibers make fabrics with soft hand and velvet feeling.
Thermaltech fiber yarns reduce static, in the case is used to develop fleece or fluffy finishes.