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The human body needs to keep a constant temperature of 98.6° F (37 ° C) for an optimal performance, otherwise too cold or too hot temperatures creates discomfort, reduce productivity and the capacity to focus, and even can cause health problems. Extreme temperatures affects the way we wear: we need to wear several layers of clothes to keep our bodies warm which sometimes reduce our level of comfort, movement and style; or on the other extreme, it does not matter if you are a professional athlete in a competition, a sports enthusiast running the marathon or training in the gym, or an executive under stress giving a presentation, we are humans and different triggers can make our body temperature raise, and make us sweat and feel and look uncomfortable.

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Thermaltech functional yarns Specialists designed different yarns  to solve all those problems related to cooling, heating and conductivity perfectly integrated in your clothes with additional features like anti-odor and anti-bacterial.  Our yarns could be integrated to create woven and knit fabrics for  interior and exterior garments for sportswear, athleisure, work wear  and wearables segments, and also they have medical, automotive and industrial applications.

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Thermaltech® is perfectly integrated with the current manufacturing infrastructure, and we can offer different products according to your segment. Thermaltech® yarns had been scientifically developed using technology, and its performance and efficiency has been tested in North America and Asia Labs.


Our pledge is that Thermaltech® functional yarns, will provide the best integrated solution for cooling, heating and conductivity needs that exist along different industries.

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