Heating Yarn

Conductive and data solution integrated into textile.

Thermaltech conductive core yarn with a polyester or polyamide sheath it is an invisible solution for conductivity, thermal and data.


Thermaltech S.S. Core Yarn Applications

Workwear manufacturer



Conductive textiles are providing a wide range of applications in different areas, like uniforms and protection, health care, and even fashion. Thermaltech core yarn filament with polyester or polyamide sheath is lighter than traditional abrasion resistant yarns with a soft and comfortable texture, it can be weaved as wovens and knits.

Thermaltech Copper Core Yarn


Wearables brands/ Apparel manufacturers

  • Data conductivity
  • Integration in an invisible way to the garments or wearables, to transfer data, electricity and heat resistance
  • Copper core filament yarn covered with Polyester or Polyamide
  • 386 dtex to 471 dtex
  • Resistance 9.05 ohm
  • Resistivity 2.559E-06 ohm*cm
  • Conductivity 3.908E+05 S/cm