Heating Yarn

Thermaltech heating Yarns offers a great combination of heat retention, odor control, antibacterial and heating performance with a supreme touch.

Our principle is to capture as much body heat with a texture that creates a unique sensation to the user, where a well balanced thermal control is the priority to keep comfort for the user.


CompositionCarbon Bamboo, Viscose
Drying Factor (min)
16,28 minutes
Instant Cooling Factor
Insulation unit (Clo)
Thermal effusivity (dry)
(W • S^(1/2) / (m2 • K))
297 to 140


Heat Generation
Carbon Bamboo and Thermaltech technology work together to have the best heat capturing functionality providing 10°C in just 2 minutes.
CoolingThermaltech technology allows cooling down the body once it´s reached the maximum temperature working as a radiator.
Heat Retention
Viscose short staple fibers work as a buffer to retain and increase more the heat properties of carbon bamboo to 15% to 30% more the insulation protection in conjunction with thermaltech technology.
Bamboo Charcoal fiber effectively decomposes the bacteria over knitted surfaces that create the bad odor. The results show an antimicrobial rate is 84% more than traditional fabrics.
Thermaltech fabrics tests on the field have shown no bad smells come from fabrics.
Soft texture
Blended fibers make fabrics with a soft hand and velvet feeling to avoid blisters on your foot.



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