Welcome to Thermaltech


Unexpected blends for superior socks manufacturing

We are an American company specialized in yarn blends for socks and textile manufacturing

Cooling Yarn


Socks Functional yarn that cools down skin sensation adapting the customer level of activity and performance

Heating Yarn


Super soft and odorless yarn for manufacturing the most comfortable and cozy

socks and textiles

Innovation & Quality


Our technology is perfect to manufacture the best socks and textile products. 

 Our ability dedicated to manufacturing any yarn that fits your needs.





Frequently Asked Questions


The unexpected fibers blend is our specialization.
Thermaltech researches textiles technology for an everyday problem.

Thermaltech is a company specialized in thermal textile innovation.
Our blends allow thermal fabrics to be the best in terms of quality and adaptability.


What do we sell?

Short staple yarns with unexpected blends for thermal control of socks and textiles.

Who uses our product?

Companies that manufacture Socks looking for high-end thermal control technology.

Can you develop textiles of any kind?

We can work on specific blends and projects if your final use is for socks even better.


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Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.