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Thermaltech® Cooling Yarn

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Thermaltech Cooling Yarn Properties

The technology moves away sweat from the skin, to keep the user dry and cool. Wicking is the biggest factor to improve the comfort level of the user.

Wicking is the ability of a fabric to move moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of fabric where it can evaporate easily. The wicking and fast drying rate are 2 features that contribute to the comfort of the wearer.   As the chart shows, knits made with Thermaltech Cooling Yarns dry faster and have better wicking properties than traditional fabrics used for sportswear and workwear. The faster the water is transported the better its wicking properties

Temperature Balance


Moisture Wicking

Lightweight Material


Cool effect Qmax value > 0.1




Fast Drying



 Thermaltech Cooling Yarns could be blended with other yarns to make knits or woven fabrics for workwear garments, outerwear, and winter accessories.