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About Us

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Let`s talk about heat, why it is important for humans? The human body needs to keep a constant temperature of 98.6° F (37 ° C) for an optimal performance, otherwise the cold creates discomfort, reduces productivity and even can cause health problems. Freezing weather also effects other aspects of our lives: water pipes get frozen, crops get affected, and our homes get cold, just to name some.

Our Thermal Fabric Specialists  designed Thermaltech® with the idea to solve all those problems. The creation of smart fabrics that interact with the cold environment and harness sunlight and infrared light, and transform it into heat. We provide an additional source of energy to create heat that could be applied on clothing, work wear, medical applications, automotive and industrial applications.

Thermaltech® is perfectly integrated with the current manufacturing infrastructure, and we can offer different products according to your segment. Thermaltech® has been scientifically developed using solar power technology, and its performance and efficiency has been tested in North America and Asia Labs, Thermaltech® has a patent solicitation in 25 countries.

Our pledge is that Thermaltech® smart fabrics, will provide the best integrated solution for heat and conductivity needs present along different industries.