Kristine Upesleja

Areas: Textile and Trends Advisor.

She’s a lecturer, educator, researcher, connector, and visionary; Educated in Berlin as a costume designer for theater, opera, and film she experienced the many possibilities how one can manipulate textiles and materials. Since 2015 she has served as a board of advisor for Thermaltech connecting the company with the most innovating Brands. She has worked with companies such as Patagonia, Michael Schmidt Studios, Avery Denison, Prana, JS Apparel, and Textile Exchange, Hugo Boss, C.P. Company, Stone Island, Lenzing, Vitra, Patagonia, Schoeller, Cocona, Recover, S3 Studios, and Guess to name a few. Once a year she curates an innovative materials conference and exhibit.

Zacil Cinco

Areas: Sourcing, Marketing.

With more than ten years working in global brands such C&A, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, she knows all the way shades and light of the global supply chain in fashion and fabrics.  Even high-end technology companies require a Sourcing Experts. She brought the team a highly specialized knowledge of global supply sourcing in Asia and Mexico. As a hobby, she can design you an outfit just inbox her.

Araceli Ríos

Areas: Technology development and material science.

Bright full engineer and lead scientist employs 100% of her time to improve performance on textile surfaces, her strategy towards technology development is always to keep it simple. Able to manage different coatings and surface engineering techniques she envision a world of smart fabrics without the need of using wires and cables in the garment.

Juan Camacho

Areas: Surface engineering, high conductive substrates.

First Thermaltech Engineer, highly emotional towards energy storage, generation, conduction, and transformation, using principles of solar power heating coatings are used in the thermaltech fabric technology. Granted with more than ten patents nationwide, also look for a spot to do 5 km of free swimming in the ocean.

Carlos Cortés

Areas: Finance, Marketing, IP.

Co-founder of Thermaltech, interested in creating the infrastructure to bring to the mainstream the Thermaltech smart textile technology, His experience came from managing several businesses in Mexico and the USA, licensing, creating R&D pipeline, and products roadmaps. With many ideas on his mind, he brought the concept that smart Textiles, Yarns, and threads should be integrated into traditional manufacturing mills for an escalation.

Fátima Rocha Argüelles

Areas: Public Relations, International Sales, brand representation.

Serving by ten years in the biggest young driven international organization, she has the skills for international negotiations and global representations, She has a broad vision of the global trends and behavior that smart textiles should bring to the world. She is one of the co-founders for Thermaltech.

Sabri Sansoy

Areas: Product Development.

Rocket scientist turned roboticist; Sabri is an innovator in the artificial intelligence space with a focus on robotics, deep learning, Internet of Things (IOT) and wearables.  Sansoy, an MIT graduate, has spearheaded research and development for the motorcycle, entertainment, aerospace and fashion industries including the technology used in the IBM Watson Cognitive Dress designed by Marchesa. Now working for Thermaltech as product development advisor improving technology integration in different applications.

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