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Interlining-mesh 100% stainless steel mesh with a solar selective coating


For quilted, padded or multi layered jackets, shoes and gloves, winter caps and hats.


Who are dissatisfied with bulky constructions for jackets and accessories and weight added by different layers of fabric to assure a proper insulation to the customer.


Our product is a Plain weave interlining.


That provides additional heat to the garment reducing the layers of fabric and weight of materials to construct a garment.


Unlike Printed ceramics which wash out after couple of washing cycles and reduce it´s performance of absorbing body heat, silver dotted foil which only reflect the body heat and does not trap it and requires a several layers of wadding and lining to construct a garment.

We have assembled Lightweight interlining of 98gsm that increase 25% percent the insulation protection, reduce 50% of wadding volume, increase temperature of the garment 18°F in 2 minutes exposed to light, absorbs 80% sunlight, artificial light and body heat.

For Winter or Cold Situations Workwear apparel manufacturers (RING SPUN YARN)

Who are dissatisfied with the nanoparticles heating performance yarns made of polyester which gives a marginal warmth sensation,


Our product is a weaving Yarn


That provides Better thermal energy transfer coefficient


Unlike Polyester nanoparticles yarns that only increase marginal performance on the yarn


We have assembled a spun yarn 20D/1 polyester with Stainless steel short fibers that allows to increase 10°C the polyester temperature, and increases 10 times faster, and improve X time the energy transfer coeffient of polyester.

Thermaltech® patented technology, is an especially lightweight, low-bulk solution made of 100% stainless steel mesh with solar selective coating. It can transform 80% of the light in thermal energy and can increase the fabrics up to 18°F in just two minutes.


Thermaltech® is quilted into the lining to ensure that hot air flows from the mesh to your body offering an invisible solution to cold weather situations for a variety of applications.